Current Policy Plan of Codam

  • Registered name: Stichting Codam
  • Fiscal number: 857962826
  • Address: Kattenburgerstraat 7 (building 039), 1018 JA Amsterdam

Purpose of Activities:

The object of the Foundation is to fund and provide free skills learning to students aged 18 and older in the area of computer coding, software development and operational development in general to better prepare the students for future employment.

The Foundation will be fully funded by the Sofronie Foundation which is personally funded by Corinne Vigreux. The funding will be approved by grant by the Codam Board and the Sofronie Board. Costs will include all costs associated with the setting-up and operating the facility during this period. Costs anticipated will cover: equipment, programme subscriptions, facility services, salaries of employed staff and contracted services.

Codam Board

Name Role
Corinne Vigreux Chairperson
Harold Goddijn Board member
Janneke Niessen Board member
Ruben Nieuwenhuis Secretary
Daniel Roos Treasurer

The authority to represent the Stichting is vested in two directors acting jointly.

Remuneration Policy

Board members

All Board members volunteer their time and do not receive any remuneration. They are entitled to be reimbursed for reasonable expenses in line with their attendance at meetings.


Staff employed to manage and operate the learning facility will be paid according to local market rates and in accordance with statutory requirements. Salaries will be reviewed annually.