Step by Step; making a difference

Sofronie is dedicated to supporting projects that provide young people with skills for jobs and programmes that increase access to higher education

The Foundation works with charities and not for profit organisations that focus on improving the lives of disadvantaged young people through educational or vocational programmes.

We particularly encourage a close working relationship with smaller programmes that have the potential to scale up and become more established.

Evaluation processes are important to gauge and review the success of programmes and are an essential component of our grant making terms.

Supporting the STEM specialists of the future

Our focus for the immediate future is improving academic performances with an emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills and vocational programmes.

STEM skills are expected to provide many opportunities in the future and building competencies and awareness around this sector will ensure our young people are better prepared for future employment.

We are currently focusing our work in the UK, France and the Netherlands.