Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Can we request funding for staffing costs?

A: Yes all input costs may be considered for funding providing the relevant documentation is completed.

Q. Can I add supplementary information on a separate document if this exceeds the size of the Sofronie application document?

A: Yes, supplementary information can be submitted although only in the same format as the Sofronie Application document.

Q. If I am unsuccessful in my application, can I apply again later?

A: Yes, providing you speak to a member of the team before submitting your application.

Q. How soon are we expected to report back on the use of the grant?

A: This depends on the commencement of the project.The terms of grant will indicate a mutually agreed reporting period but generally 6 months and 1 year after the first payment.

Q. What level of evaluation is expected?

A: Monitoring reports and gathering information is required to ensure that the grant has been used appropriately and to assess the outcomes of the activity. The level of detail required will be discussed and agreed before the application is accepted.This information will be used to assess further grant requests.Representatives of the Foundation will arrange a visit as part of the monitoring process.

Q. If we have not spent the full amount within the timeframe or it cannot now be spent in the manner it was first requested, what do we do?

A: You must inform us immediately and we will try to find a solution.