Sofronie Foundation: Projects

Sofronie steps in to fund projects that provide skills, build confidence and increase the aspirations of young people

The majority of Sofronie’s current partnerships offer academic or vocational skills to young people in the UK, France and the Netherlands.

We are actively engaging with partners who provide academic and inspirational support to young people in school who may be at risk of failing early or dropping out of the school system. We also support STEM related activities to introduce and encourage an interest in further study or work in an area of demand and innovative growth.

In France we are supporting the building of a network of help for these young people through extracurricular academic support or inspirational programmes that offer broader access to interests or careers. This is evident in the area of Vaulx-en-Velin which has special interest to our founder as this is an area where she grew up and is one of the communities with one of the highest unemployment rates in France.

In the UK we are keen to fund similar projects in specific areas of disadvantage and lack of opportunity. Currently we are supporting projects that serve a wider network but based in cities of London, Manchester and Coastal areas.

In the Netherlands we are working with programmes that engage with schools directly to target young people and connect them to the world of further education and work.

Moving forward

Sofronie makes a significant investment in Codam a Coding College that opened in Amsterdam in 2019, which offers digital learning to young adults completely free of charge. The mode of learning is unique and follows the model of 42 in Paris and encourages peer to peer collaboration to find solutions through game-based progression.

Online applications are open now.

Within this section you can find out more about our supported current projects, past projects and view our gallery.