The Smallpeice Trust

Sofronie has partnered with the Smallpeice Trust to provide 10 'STEM Challenge Days' for selected schools in Coventry, Birmingham, Warwick and Sheffield. The participating schools have all been selected as they are situated in areas of particular disadvantage. Workshops on the programme provide students with a fun and practical introduction to engineering through the design and construction of a model that actually works. Whether it’s a battery-operated car or a wind turbine, everyone is involved in the process.

Girls into Engineering

Sofronie has also funded for the first time 'Girls into Engineering' at Warwick University. On this programme, participating girls will stay on campus to experience university life and learn about the possibilities of taking engineering as a subject.

Dare to Engineer

A further smaller programme took place in the Sheffield area with 'Dare to Engineer' challenge days. On this programme both male and female students attended a residential course at Sheffield University.

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