Stichting LeerKracht

Sofronie Foundation has funded a teacher peer-to-peer learning programme with Stichting LeerKracht, a charity set up by Jaap Versfeld to improve teaching and learning in schools.

The programme

The learning programme delivered the “LeerKracht” teaching methods in 5 teacher-training (PABO) colleges in the Netherlands. The programme's main focus is to improve teaching methods by collaboration and knowledge sharing through a review process that will include the setting of objectives and outcomes by teachers and for teachers.

The aim of the programme is to improve teaching methods and ensure trainee teachers take this method of continuous learning to their new schools to inspire and grow the concept throughout the education sector. The impact will be an improved and positive learning experience for students.

Sofronie’s funding supported the Expert Coaches, Clusterleaders and the Event Managers who deliver and managed the programme.

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