La Pépinière de Talents

Pascal Mabille approached Sofronie with a new and exciting project to target teenagers at risk of dropping out of school. The project was based in the Toulouse region of France with the goal to develop teenagers' life skills, entrepreneurship and vocational aspirations.

The Project

Groups of young students from two schools in the region registered for the Pépinière des talents programme. The 10-month project involved the Junior Achievement model and created a “mini enterprise” which teaches young people about entrepreneurial and business skills. The groups “brainstormed” product ideas around and subsequently created and managed the budgeting, marketing, production and sale of their chosen products.

The project also involves personal development activities in the form of cooperative games and role-play to help improve social skills as well as offering a framework for students to develop their talents, knowledge of the world of work and boost their confidence

During the programme, professionals from various careers visited the children to discuss their work.