Impulsion 75/69

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Sofronie funded the expansion of Impulsion 75/69’s work. Originally a Paris based charity, Impulsion 75/69 helps young people who are having difficulties at school or problems finding employment. To better prepare these young people to return to school or support their search for employment, the charity provides a 5-week programme based on sport.

They have also developed a 5-week intense coaching programme using the two major components of boxing and theatre combined with workshops to help the students build their professional projects. All activities are within the prestigious Parisian high schools, Lycée Buffon and Lycée Henri IV.

Until 2016, Impulsion 75/69 was mainly welcoming youth from the Greater Paris area, but in 2017 and 2018, they organised 2 sessions of Impulsion 75/69 in the Lyon area in partnership with the Lycée du Parc for the local youngsters.