In the past, Sofronie Foundation has supported a number of projects which have helped to improve the lives of children both in school and on the streets in Kenya.

Happy Staff

On the first part of the course, young people enrolled as Charity Apprentices take on a number of learning tasks, complete practical challenges and with the help and support of the London team, raise funds for charities.

The second phase of the course sees the new recruits attend the annual 'Boot Camp' where they meet other Charity Apprentices and the actual team. They then establish lines of communication for the duration of their training experience.

The final stage takes place in Africa where the self-funded Charity Apprentices experience the effects of their contributions, and gain a better understanding of those they help by working alongside ground staff.

After the completion of all the tasks and challenges, the Charity Apprentices graduate from the course and hopefully return to mentor the next cohort. Sofronie Foundation has been proud of the success of the programme and wish them further success in the future.

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