The campaign for female education (CAMFED) is an international organisation working to solve long-term health, economic and social issues in Africa by investing in female education.

In 2010, Sofronie donated £1,003,100 to fund a new initiative to increase access to education for girls in Malawi. The initiative supported 1,920 girls through their secondary education for four years in six districts of Malawi. This support included funding for materials, textbooks and uniforms in addition to materials and staffing costs required for teachers, mentors and community development teams.

Malawi Mothers Feeding School Support Project

The second initiative involved a project to improve the health and wellbeing of these young students. As a lot of families cannot provide breakfast, many young students – some travelling long distances to attend school, would arrive hungry. Sofronie provided further funding to support Camfed’s 'Malawi Mothers Feeding School Support Project' – a project that provides mothers with the knowledge and equipment to provide a healthy breakfast for children at school.

This programme was so successful the model was used to roll out similar projects in other Camfed supported schools.

“Most parents cannot afford to give their children breakfast everyday and as such, children do not go to school as they can’t go hungry – but when they know that there is porridge, they get motivated...”

Member of Chiuli Mother Support Group, Neno District

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