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Sofronie are supporting the work of ZupdeCo who offer homework support to 60 young students from the area of Vaulx-en-Velin in France. Volunteer mentors from ZupdeCo, work with local schools, teachers and parents to assist students who suffer from socioeconomic disadvantage. They work to improve outcomes in the preparation to access the Brevet des Colleges’ exam.

The analysis of research findings note, that students experiencing difficulty with meeting educational standards are disadvantaged by a lack of knowledge and experience of education at home. In addition many students lack the space and environment for focused work and availability of resources that many other students take for granted.

ZupdeCo assists by working with teachers and parents to identify the challenges and then sets out to provide the support required before disenchantment and disillusion become the reason to stop attending school.

The sad truth is that 140,000 young people leave the school system ever year without any qualifications.

François-Afif Benthanane, Founder and Director, has reacted to this challenge, and provides activities and programmes to ensure young students remain engaged and supported through challenging times and achieves this by involving the parents and teachers to reinforce the learning objectives.