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Both a school and a SME, the Production School gives a future to students who have given up on the system – most often 'school dropouts' or kids who are in trouble with the authorities. To get them back on the right track, the school teaches its students engineering skills, turning and milling or boiler construction – immersing them in the real world of production, whilst being supervised by professionals.

Both École de Production ICAM (Toulouse) and École de Production Boisard (Greater Lyon) have chosen to pay special attention to the under 25’s – especially those between 15 and 18. The school trains them in areas where specialists are lacking in the job market, improving their chances of securing future employment.

Sofronie supported the development of the boilermaker section of both Production Schools. This increased the number of students able to train in this field where there is a particularly high employment demand for trained specialists.

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